map of the CaribbeanThe British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a collection of 60 islands, cays and rocks forming the northern extremity of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean.  Mostly uninhabited, these islands set the stage for an adventure in salt water fly fishing.

Located 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Puerto Rico these islands have a balmy, subtropical climate. The islands of the BVI form almost an oval around Tortola, the largest island. They are volcanic in origin, with the exception of Anegada which is formed of coral and limestone and is the lowest lying.   On land, the BVI is endowed with fine mountain ranges, small valleys and little flat fertile agriculture land.

map of the British Virgin IslandsThe BVI offers pristine water, abundant game fish and idyllic weather.  Our base is located at Nanny Cay on  the island of Tortola.

Slow Paced, friendly and easily accessible, the BVI is "one of nature's little secrets".  Currency is the US dollar and English is the common language.


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There are many routes available to get to the BVI. The usual ways are either to fly via San Juan to Beef Island Airport, Tortola or to fly to St Thomas, USVI and get the ferry across to West End, Tortola. It is also advisable to check out one of the many charter flights to St Martin or St Kitts and then get one of the island hopper airlines to Beef Island. European visitors can reach us from Antigua via island hopper. Please feel free to contact us for any further information as to how to get here.

Should you wish you can hire a small private plane or helicopter from San Juan or USVI at a reasonable rate.


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